Brett Dorrans

A Senior Frontend Engineer from Glasgow with over a decade of experience building software and relationships.

My current focus is on engineering inclusivity and accessibility, enabling the creation of user-centric design systems that foster empathy and exceptional user experiences.


  1. Apr 2021Nov 2023
    Senior Software Engineer
  2. Feb 2020Apr 2021
    Frontend Software Developer
  3. Aug 2019Dec 2019
    Frontend Team Lead
  4. Jan 2018Aug 2019
    Senior Software Engineer
  5. Nov 2016Dec 2017
    Frontend Developer
  6. Oct 2014Sep 2016
    Senior Digital Designer


  1. 20072011
    BA (Hons) Illustration

Open Source


Streamlined project linting: importable ESLint, Stylelint and Prettier configurations.


Lapidist's design system with an opinionated set of React components, powered by @lapidist/styles and TypeScript.


Personal site of Brett Dorrans, powered by Gatsby, React and @lapidist/components.


Design tokens powering @lapidist/components.


CLI app for generating Brett Dorrans' PDF CVs: crafted with React and react-pdf.


(WIP) Opinionated and flexible design system.